A fertility platform that scales with your multi-clinic business

From customized workflows and extensive built-in cycle management to full API access and data-driven insights, nAbleIVF is designed to scale with your fertility practice as it grows in providers and complexity.
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400 patients visited today
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Total initial patient visits
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Resulting in cycles
Data obtained for the last 7 days
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Software solutions for every step of patient care

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Flexibility to match complex large clinic workflows

Patient information
to-do report

One central platform to manage all your clinical documentation, billing, and data

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View all features
clinic outcomes
Number of Retrievals
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Number of Retrievals

Full-featured APIs to build your custom tools and tech stack around nAbleIVF

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View Integrations
Appointment scheduling
Clinical outcomes

Complex permissions and reporting to manage your teams

Benefits of transition for new and growing clinics

nAbleIVF brings your whole fertility business into one platform, with tools from staff to individual providers up to cross-clinic managers.

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API to develop your own custom patient experiences
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Integration with Salesforce 
and other major tools
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Data exports and financial and clinical APIs for business intelligence
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Customizable templates and workflows
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Full OB/GYN clinical workflow
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GAAP standard accounting
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Patient treatment quotes, financing, and more
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SART reporting

Powerful features for your complex business

Patient Experience Teams

Build world class patient experiences with everything you need from patient check in to payment processing.
  • Registration
  • Scheduling
  • Sign-in/out
  • Accepting patient payments
  • Patient communication
  • Digital kiosk app
  • SMS patient check in
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Accepting patient
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Digital kiosk app
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SMS patient
check in
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Accounting and Billing Teams

Full GAAP standard and accrual based accounting designed for large clinical groups
  • Charge entry
  • Payment posting
  • Claim submission
  • Follow-up
  • Accounting
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Charge entry
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Claim submission

Clinical teams

Fully customizable clinical workflows, built to support every level of fertility care and embryology
  • Patient encounters
  • Cycle planning
  • Embryology
  • Cryo management
  • Prescribing
  • Orders
  • Lab reviewing
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Cryo management
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Patient encounters
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graph icon
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Lab reviewing
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Cycle planning

IT and development teams

Build your custom patient experience and tech stack on nAbleIVF’s integrations and APIs
  • Full APIs
  • Extensive lab integrations
  • Support for DICOM hardware
  • Integrated online faxing
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External partner
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Full APIs
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Support for 
DICOM hardware
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Integrated online faxing

Sales and marketing 

Monitor campaign success and integrate patient information back into your CRM in real time”
  • CRM integrations
  • Lead tracking and attribution
  • Salesforce integrations
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files icon
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Lead tracking
and attribution
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CRM integrations


Use nAbleIVF’s built-in user account management to build out team permissions and monitor performance
  • Clinical performance monitoring
  • Financial reporting
  • User accounts and permissions
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User accounts
and permissions
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Clinical performance monitoring
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See all features
See all features
What people say about us
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”The biggest thing I was looking for, that I found with nAble, is your software flexibility. If something isn’t working properly or if we need a feature that isn’t currently available, your programming is straightforward and flexible enough to handle almost anything.
Having an EMR that will adapt to your workflow rather than the other way around, should always be the case.”

avtor of comment
Christina Lam
Practice Manager at Labryo Fertility on how nAbleIVF compares to other EMR systems

“I like how you guys have integrated with so many systems. With EngageMD, it was huge to have those systems together and have anybody be able to check the consents. Even our labs flowing across tests saved us many headaches because the labs are pulling from labcore or progenesis.“

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Katrina Wolfenbarger
Clinical Manager at Utah Fertility on Integrations

"One of the biggest things that attracted us to nAble was the customizations and flexibility that tailored to our individual practice needs."

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Chelsee Young
Clinical Director at Utah Fertility on nAbleIVF’s flexibilty and customizability
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