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Introducing nAbleIVF EHR

The most flexible and advanced IVF EHR and Practice Management suite in the market

IVF Schedule

IVF Cycle Management

IVF EHR and Practice Management

Building on 15 years of EHR development, nAble IVF has a simple and intuitive design.
From resource-based appointments to cycle management to cryo preservation and in-house labs, nAble IVF does it all. nAble IVF is flexible and easy to customize to your unique style of practice, and our excellent live support is available by phone and chat.


Resource-based Appointments

Schedule single or multiple appointments from providers to devices and facilities in a couple of clicks.

Automated Reminders

Automatically push patient instructions and reminders to their smart phone and patient portal.

nAble IVF Schedule

Advanced Cycle Management

nAble's interactive cycle management has built-in advanced treatment plans and ovarian stimulation protocols.

With a Simple Workflow

One screen to monitor cycle progress, lab results, patient responses, and even adjust dosages and document outcomes.


nAble IVF Cycle

Mobile Tools for your Entire Clinic

Complement nAble IVF with seamlessly integrated mobile apps for physicians, patients, and staff.

From initial evaluations to cryo to labs and embryology, it's all part of the nAble Mobile EMR.

nAble Lite

Custom Workflows for Every Fertility Role

Send and receive patient messages, enter vitals, create plans and more straight from your iPad.

Track frozen samples, scan barcodes, view images and more, with built in tools to make your job a little easier.

Speed Up Check-Ins with nAble Kiosk

Collect demographics, patient history, prior infertility evaluations, insurance information, surveys and more.

With nAble Kiosk it's easy to customize questions, upload consent forms and agreements.

nAble IVF Kiosk

Mobile and Web Patient and Donor Portals

Answer questionnaires, report vitals and health conditions, request refills and more on the web or their phone.

nAble.s donor management system helps you keep track of anonymous donors and includes a built-in donor portal.

nAble Health

nAble Assist

Built-in IVF Assistant on your Phone

View your daily appointments, make a to-do list, view clinic reports and more, straight from your phone.

Stay connected with your staff and patients with built-in messaging, lab review and prescription renewals.

nAble Assist Watch

Apple Watch Integration

Paired with nAble Assist, you can receive reminders, messages, and your daily to-do list and schedule right on your wrist.

Be a Little More Free

All these tools are designed to save you time, so you can take the hassle out of running your fertility clinic.